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Rassalain Company Website

Sitesown Team is excited to present a user-friendly, bilingual, and premium-quality company website for Rassalain General Trading in Erbil, Iraq. This represents a significant leap in establishing a robust online presence for this prominent importer of premium food and cheese items, ensuring accessibility in both Arabic and English languages.

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    Rassalain General Trading

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    Erbil, Baghdad

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About The Project:

Sitesown team is thrilled to introduce a premium quality company website for Rassalain Company in Iraq, Erbil, marking a significant stride in establishing a robust online presence for this prominent importer of premium food and cheese items.

This company website features an extensive ‘About Us’ section designed to accommodate an unlimited number of pages, offering comprehensive insights into the company’s history, mission, and unwavering commitment to excellence. The ‘Suppliers’ section introduces an innovative approach, showcasing individual ‘About Supplier’ pages and integrating a product filtering system. This system enables users to seamlessly filter products based on specific suppliers or available categories on the website, ensuring a tailored browsing experience. The ‘Products’ section is meticulously organized under unlimited categories, with each product boasting a content-rich page. This structure provides the website administrator with the flexibility to curate and update information effortlessly.

Additional sections, including ‘Career,’ ‘Photo Gallery,’ ‘Video Gallery,’ ‘News,’ ‘Recipes,’ ‘Branches,’ and ‘Contact Us,’ are complemented by the capacity to add further pages as needed.

Rassalain Company Website

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Rassalain General Trading

Rassalain, a prominent player in the importation of high-quality food and cheese products, holds a leading position in the industry. Founded in Baghdad in 1980, the company has been actively operating throughout Iraq, with its headquarters located in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. Rassalain serves as the exclusive agent for renowned cheese industries globally, solidifying its position as a key player in the international food market. Specializing in importing top-tier products, Rassalain is committed to delivering excellence in the realm of food and cheese distribution.

High accuracy and speed of implementation

Our company is very grateful to your company for working in making our company’s website the best image, high accuracy and speed of implementation.

Saleh Sbehat

Sales Manager - Rassalain General Trading

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