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Presenting with pride, Sitesown team introduces a user-friendly and dynamic exhibition website tailored for the GTX-I General Technology Exhibition in Iraq, Baghdad. Meticulously crafted, this digital platform, supporting two languages – English and Arabic, includes diverse and comprehensive sections, ensuring a captivating user experience.

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About The Project:

Sitesown team is proud to present a dynamic exhibition website crafted for the GTX-I General Technology Exhibition in Iraq, Baghdad. This exhibition website is a digital platform, meticulously designed to encompass various sections, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging user experience.

The ‘About Us’ section serves as an extensive repository, accommodating unlimited pages to narrate the story of the exhibition, its mission, and the technological advancements it aims to showcase. The ‘Sponsors’ section provides valuable insights into the supporters of the event, offering detailed information to website visitors.

In the ‘Media’ segment, visitors can explore four dedicated sections – news, events, photo gallery, and video gallery – providing a rich multimedia experience. The ‘Exhibitors’ section offers a detailed list of companies set to participate, creating anticipation and excitement for the event.

The ‘Exhibition Map’ adds a spatial dimension, aiding visitors in navigating the event venue digitally. Additionally, interactive features like ‘Register Your Visit’ and ‘Book Your Stand’ contribute to a user-friendly experience.

This exhibition website is not only a promotional tool but a dynamic platform that enhances the exhibition experience, offering a glimpse into the technological marvels awaiting attendees.

GTX-I Exhibition Website

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GTX-I Exhibition

GTX-I Communications and Information Tech Exhibition, based in Baghdad, Iraq, is a vital platform for tech enthusiasts, governmental institutions, and global companies. Organized by ‘Business Ground for International Fairs Company’ and endorsed by the Iraqi government, it showcases leading technology solutions and programming. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest global tech advancements, receive strategic advice, and connect with key decision-makers. Beyond showcasing solutions, GTX-I is a comprehensive event designed to foster success in technology, communications, and informatics.

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