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Sitesown team is thrilled to reveal a vibrant and informative amusement park website for Majidi Land Amusement Park in Erbil, Iraq. This website not only delivers a delightful digital experience for visitors but also showcases user-friendly features, ensuring accessibility in three languages Arabic, English, and Kurdish. With comprehensive pages, it guarantees a rich and engaging exploration of all the park has to offer.

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About The Project:

Sitesown team proudly presents a vibrant and informative amusement park website for Majidi Land Amusement Park in Iraq, Erbil, offering a delightful digital experience for visitors. The ‘About Us’ section serves as a dynamic canvas, capable of hosting an unlimited array of pages to narrate the park’s story, attractions, and mission. Essential information on ‘Timing,’ ‘Pricing,’ and ‘Offers’ is readily accessible, ensuring visitors are well-informed before planning their visit.

The ‘Media’ section enriches the user experience with engaging content, featuring updates on ‘Events,’ ‘News,’ and captivating visuals in the ‘Photo Gallery’ and ‘Video Gallery.’ Prospective employees can explore opportunities in the ‘Career’ section, while the ‘Contact Us’ page streamlines communication. A ‘FAQ’ page provides quick answers to common queries, and the website is designed to accommodate additional pages for future expansion. With a user-friendly interface and the flexibility to grow, the Majidi Land Amusement Park website invites visitors to explore the magic and excitement that the park has to offer.

Majidi Land Amusement Park Website

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Majidi Land

Majidiland, formerly known as Majid Park until 2014, stands as a distinctive home theme park located in Erbil, near Hewa City on Kaznazan Road, just 4 km east of Majidi Mall. Conceived in 2009 by the visionary Mr. Haji Ahamad, the park was envisioned as a leisure haven for the citizens of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Since 2015, Majidiland has been wholly and privately owned by Hewa Holding Company. The park boasts diverse attractions, including the captivating Dinosaur Park, entertaining Carnival Games, a dynamic Game Land, an array of thrilling Rides, and a dedicated Play Area. This multifaceted park offers an immersive experience for visitors, reflecting its commitment to providing leisure and entertainment to the community.

A team who knows how to evaluate the process & get into the desired solutions.

Sitesown are the guys with full of contrast & possibility. Vibrant with their domain knowledge & flexibility. Smooth and a good communicator with all possible suggestions. A great illustrators who brings out the right Brand Value of their customer. A team who knows how to evaluate the process & get into the desired solutions. A good company with all aspect of solutions, having a strong knowledge in IT domain. Their quick execution & smart captions always highlighted them amongst the market.

Atanu Bhaumik

IT Manager - Hewa Holding

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