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AlMaha for Food Products Distribution Website

Through a collaborative endeavor, Sitesown team proudly unveils a customized food products distribution website for AlMaha General Trading in Erbil, Iraq—an esteemed exclusive agency representing renowned global food companies. This meticulously designed digital showcase captures the essence of the company, boasting a multilanguage website and comprehensive features to enhance the user experience.

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About The Project:

In a collaborative effort, Sitesown team proudly introduces a tailor-made food products distribution website for AlMaha General Trading in Iraq, Erbil, an esteemed exclusive agency in Iraq representing renowned global food companies. This digital showcase is meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of the company.

The ‘About Us’ section, with infinite pages, provides a dynamic narrative of AlMaha General Trading’s journey. The innovative ‘Suppliers’ section presents exclusive agencies, each featuring a dedicated ‘About the Supplier’ page for transparent insights. Notably, the product section enables dynamic filtering based on suppliers or categories, complemented by content-rich pages. The ‘Career’ section transforms recruitment, allowing visitors to explore vacancies, apply through a user-friendly form, and attach CVs.

This food products distribution website offers a range of additional features, including ‘Team,’ ‘Photo Gallery,’ ‘Video Gallery,’ ‘News,’ ‘Events,’ ‘Branches,’ and ‘Contact Us,’ with adaptability for further pages.

AlMaha For Food Products Distribution Website

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Client Profile:

AlMaha General Trading

Founded in 1997 in Iraq, AlMaha has been a significant player in the country’s distribution network, with its main hub located in Baghdad. Acknowledging the vital role of the team, the company views its people as the driving force behind AlMaha’s success. This perspective has led to the development of a skilled team across Iraq, emphasizing the commitment to excellence in every project undertaken.

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