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Oxfam & UNDP Application Form For Job Placement Website

A dynamic form for job placement website for the collaborative initiative between Oxfam and UNDP in Diyala Governorate and various districts across Iraq, developed by Sitesown. The website is built on an easy-to-use CMS and features a responsive design. Serving as a pivotal hub, this website facilitates information dissemination and meaningful interaction with candidates.

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About The Project:

Sitesown team proudly announces the development of a dynamic form for job placement website for the collaborative initiative between Oxfam and UNDP in Diyala Governorate and various districts across Iraq. This impactful project focuses on implementing asset replacement, providing small business grants, and offering vocational training with job placements.

This job placement website, crafted with a Content Management System (CMS) and responsive design, stands as a central hub for information dissemination and candidate interaction. The ‘About Us’ section provides an extensive canvas for detailing the project’s objectives, mission, and the collaborative efforts of Oxfam and UNDP.

One of the key features is a comprehensive candidate information form, enabling individuals to submit their details directly to project coordinators. The system incorporates advanced filtering mechanisms, allowing coordinators to efficiently process and manage the incoming information. Additionally, the website facilitates the export of data to Excel files for streamlined analysis.

The ‘Contact Us’ page ensures easy communication, while the website’s adaptable structure allows for the seamless addition of new pages as the project evolves. Emphasizing inclusivity, the website supports three languages—Arabic, English, and Kurdish.

By combining technological innovation with the humanitarian goals of Oxfam and UNDP, this website serves as a powerful tool in driving positive change and facilitating meaningful impact in the community.

Job Placement Website
Job Placement Website

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Oxfam & UNDP Application Form For Job Placement

Oxfam in collaboration with the UNDP/Iraq Crisis Response and Resilience Programme (ICRRP) funded by the Government of Japan is launching a project that will implement asset replacement, and small business grants in Diyala Governorate in Khanaqin, Kalar, and Kifri district and vocational training with job placements in Erbil, Sulimaniyah and Dhouk Governorates. The project aims to build self-resilience of vulnerable IDPs, host communities, returnees, and refugees through the increase in and access to sustainable income-generating activities in IDP/refugee/returnee concentrated and liberated areas in Diyala Governorate and KRI.

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