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Perfect Lighting Products Website

A user-friendly lighting products website developed for Perfect Lighting General Trading in Iraq, Iraq, by Sitesown. This website boasts feature-rich sections for About, Suppliers, and Products, providing Perfect Lighting with an effective platform to showcase their premium quality products with ease.

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    Perfect Lighting General Trading

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    Erbil, Baghdad

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About The Project:

Sitesown’s expert team crafted a lighting products website for Perfect Lighting General Trading in Iraq, Erbil, which specializes in distributing electrical products. This marks a crucial move in building a strong online presence.

This lighting products website incorporates essential sections such as a versatile ‘About Us’ segment, designed to host an unlimited array of pages detailing various aspects of the company. A dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page ensures seamless communication. The ‘Suppliers’ section stands out, showcasing exclusive agencies with detailed information linked to their respective products. The ‘Products’ section, organized into unlimited two levels of categories, offers a comprehensive view of the company’s electrical offerings. Each product is presented with a detailed page, providing flexibility for the website administrator to add essential information. Additionally, a ‘Team’ section allows for the introduction of the company’s personnel, and a ‘Career’ section adds a dynamic touch to potential employment opportunities.

The website easily gains the flexibility to add more pages when needed because it is flexible.

Perfect Lighting Products Website

Key Features:

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Client Profile:

Perfect Lighting General Trading

Perfect Lighting Company stands as a leading general trading entity, serving as the exclusive agency for a group of international manufacturers specializing in electrical regulators and lighting products. With branches in Baghdad and Erbil, our reach spans across all Iraqi regions, facilitating the distribution of premium products. Committed to excellence, Perfect Lighting Company is dedicated to bringing top-tier electrical regulators and lighting solutions to diverse projects and spaces throughout Iraq.

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