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Iman Company for Electrical Products Website

Dive into the world of electrical solutions with this electrical products website by Sitesown for Iman Company General Trading in Erbil, Iraq. This user-friendly platform is tailored for suppliers and customers in the electrical industry, featuring dedicated sections for company profiles, supplier information, and an extensive catalog of electrical products.

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About The Project:

Sitesown’s expert team has made a noteworthy contribution to enhancing the online presence of Iman Company General Trading in Iraq, Erbil, an expert in electrical products, through the development of their electrical products website.

This electrical products website boasts a versatile ‘About Us’ section, designed to host an unlimited number of pages to comprehensively showcase various facets of the company. A distinctive feature is the ‘Suppliers’ section, offering exclusive agencies, each accompanied by detailed information, suppliers’ product catalogs, and a seamless browsing experience for corresponding products. The ‘Products’ section is organized under unlimited categories, with each product having a content-rich page for administrators to add essential information.

Additional sections include a ‘Team’ segment for insights into the company personnel, a ‘Career’ section for potential employment opportunities, a dynamic photo gallery, and a ‘Contact Us’ page. The website’s flexibility allows for the addition of extra pages as needed.

Iman Company for Electrical Products Website

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Iman Company General Trading

Iman Company for General Trading of Electrical, established in 1982 in Erbil, serves as the exclusive agent for distinguished Turkish companies like “HAS CELIK,” “HES KABLO,” and “IES Galvaniz”. Specializing in importing electrical materials, the company distributes these quality products across various provinces in Iraq. Originally rooted in contracting, Iman Company has successfully completed diverse projects, including bridges, hospitals, streets, schools, and buildings. Its expertise spans extending high and low-pressure electricity wires, constructing towers, and pillars with a commitment to efficient project completion. With well-stocked warehouses, the company ensures a continuous supply of high-quality materials, contributing significantly to the development of Iraq’s infrastructure.

They helped us to have a perfect website from a to z

Sitesown’s efficiency and professionalism was greatly appreciated in the building of our website. Sitesown went out of the way to meet our needs. The process was seamless and quick and we are really pleased with the outcome. They have a great customer service, they helped us to have a perfect website from A to Z.

Usama S. Mohammad

Sales Manager - Iman Company

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