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Zheen International Hospital Website

Sitesown team proudly introduces an advanced hospital website for Zheen International Hospital in Erbil, Iraq – a shining beacon of medical excellence. More than just a digital presence, this hospital website stands as a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to elevate the healthcare experience, instilling a profound sense of trust and reliability.

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About The Project:

Embarking on a healthcare journey, Sitesown team proudly presents a cutting-edge hospital website for Zheen International Hospital in Iraq, Erbil, a beacon of medical excellence. The website unfolds with an expansive ‘About Us’ section, providing a canvas for unlimited pages to capture the essence of the hospital’s mission, values, and commitment to healthcare. The ‘Team’ section introduces the dedicated professionals behind the scenes, ensuring transparency and fostering trust.

A standout feature is the ‘Departments’ section, offering a gateway to a myriad of medical specialties. The website administrator can effortlessly add and update information for each department, ensuring patients access comprehensive insights. The ‘Doctors’ section, a cornerstone of the platform, showcases the hospital’s esteemed medical professionals. Each doctor is accorded a comprehensive page, empowering the administrator to curate and share pertinent information.

Navigating career opportunities within the hospital is streamlined through the ‘Career’ section, providing a valuable resource for potential candidates. The ‘Media’ section, comprising news and attention-worthy content, keeps patients informed and engaged. Rich visuals come to life in the ‘Video Gallery’ and ‘Photo Gallery,’ offering glimpses into the hospital’s environment and events.

The ‘Contact Us’ section serves as a bridge for communication, allowing seamless interaction between the hospital and its visitors. The website’s multilingual support in English, Arabic, and Kurdish reflects a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. Built on a Content Management System (CMS) with responsive design, the website ensures optimal functionality and adaptability across various devices.

In essence, the Zheen International Hospital website is not merely a digital presence; it’s a dynamic and patient-centric platform designed to enhance the healthcare experience and foster a sense of trust and reliability.

Zheen International Hospital Website
Zheen International Hospital Website

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Zheen International Hospital

Zheen International Hospital, established in 2001 by respected doctors in Erbil, Kurdistan, underwent a transformative expansion, becoming the largest private hospital in the region by January 2011. Spanning 6800 square meters at the beginning of Koya road, this five-floor facility adheres to international healthcare standards, emphasizing advanced services and technology. With a commitment to patient well-being, a team of renowned specialists, and a comprehensive range of services, Zheen International Hospital stands as a beacon of medical excellence, shaping the healthcare landscape of Kurdistan and Iraq.

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