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Waddi AlUrdun for Cheese Products Website

Sitesown has successfully designed a customized cheese products website for Waddi AlUrdun General Trading in Erbil, Iraq – a prominent importer of high-quality food and cheese products. This catalog website boasts extensive suppliers and products sections, significantly elevating the user experience by ensuring easy navigation and efficient management. Its user-friendly interface adds to the overall ease of operation, making it a seamlessly managed platform.

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    Waddi AlUrdun General Trading

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About The Project:

Sitesown team takes immense pride in presenting the culmination of our collaborative efforts – a bespoke cheese products website for Waddi AlUrdun General Trading in Iraq, Erbil. As a leading importer of premium food and cheese products, the website offers a comprehensive ‘About Us’ section, providing an unlimited canvas to narrate the company’s rich history, articulate its mission, and highlight the unwavering commitment to excellence.

The ‘Suppliers’ section introduces an innovative dimension, offering dedicated pages for each supplier. This includes an insightful ‘About Supplier’ page along with an integrated product filtering system. This advanced system empowers users to filter products based on specific suppliers or any available category on the website, ensuring a seamless and personalized browsing experience.

Navigating further, the ‘Products’ section is meticulously organized under unlimited categories. Each product is granted a content-rich page, providing the website administrator with the flexibility to curate and update information dynamically.

Beyond commerce, this cheese products website boasts engaging sections such as ‘Career,’ ‘Photo Gallery,’ ‘Video Gallery,’ ‘News,’ ‘Recipes,’ ‘Branches,’ and a ‘Contact Us’ page. The modular structure allows for easy additions of further pages, ensuring adaptability to future expansions. The website stands as a testament to Waddi AlUrdun General Trading’s commitment to digital excellence, providing a user-friendly and informative platform for its stakeholders.

Waddi AlUrdun For Cheese Products Website
Waddi AlUrdun For Cheese Products Website

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Client Profile:

Waddi AlUrdun General Trading

Waddi AlUrdun, a key player in importing premium food and cheese items, holds a prominent position in the industry. Established in Baghdad in 1980, the company has a strong presence across Iraq, headquartered in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. Waddi AlUrdun serves as the exclusive agent for globally renowned cheese industries, further solidifying its standing in the international food market. Specializing in the importation of high-quality products, Waddi AlUrdun is dedicated to achieving excellence in the distribution of food and cheese.

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