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Noor Laboratory Results Management System

eResult: Designed by Sitesown for Noor Laboratory in Iraq, Erbil, this scalable Laboratory Results Management System optimizes business performance through advanced web technologies. With a feature-rich design, it efficiently manages test results, patient-doctor associations, and provides a dynamic dashboard for healthcare professionals. The multilingual interface ensures accessibility for diverse users, making it an indispensable asset for laboratory operations.

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About The Project:

Designed as a powerful and scalable solution, this Laboratory Results Management System contributes significantly to the optimization of laboratory business performance. Leveraging the latest web technologies, this web application ensures a robust infrastructure. Its feature-rich design includes user, doctor, and patient management functionalities.

This Laboratory Results Management System offers a comprehensive solution for managing laboratory test results, associating each result with the respective patient and doctor. The dynamic dashboard provides users with the latest results and essential statistics, making it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. Additionally, the multilingual interface ensures accessibility for a diverse user base, making it a versatile and indispensable asset for laboratory operations.

Developed by Sitesown’s skilled team for Noor Laboratory in Iraq, Erbil.

Laboratory Results Management System

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Noor Medical Complex

Noor Medical Complex (NMC) is the largest private outpatient and diagnostic center in Erbil, Kurdistan. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, it offers easy access for patients from near and far. With seven floors, NMC provides a “one-stop shop” experience, allowing patients to consult with over 50 specialists, undergo diagnostic tests, and return for further consultation—all in the same day. It’s a premier medical destination in the region, ensuring a seamless healthcare journey for its visitors.

They were dynamic, creative and responsive.

Working with Sitesown was a correct decision. They were dynamic, creative and responsive. They go above and beyond to help and have done so without a hitch.

Ahmad Jamal

B.D. Manager - Noor Medical Complex

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