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Lux Line Pharma Website

Sitesown has successfully developed a user-friendly and comprehensive pharma website for Lux Line Pharma in Iraq, Baghdad. This user-friendly website, constructed on a content management system with a responsive design, provides Lux Line Pharma with a virtual platform to showcase their quality pharmaceuticals and partnerships effectively.

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    LuxLine Pharma

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    Erbil, Baghdad

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About The Project:

Sitesown spearheaded the development of a comprehensive pharma website for Lux Line Pharma in Iraq, Erbil, a prominent pharmaceutical wholesale distributor in Iraq. The site incorporates an ‘About Us’ section with the flexibility to add an unlimited number of pages, encompassing elements such as vision, mission, and values.

The ‘Suppliers’ section offers the capability to add an unlimited number of suppliers, enabling efficient product filtering based on the chosen supplier. The ‘Products’ section presents a direct overview of the company’s product line, enhancing the visitor’s experience. A user-friendly ‘Contact Us’ page fosters communication, while the website’s adaptability allows for the seamless addition of more pages as needed.

This pharma website is available in English, and built based on CMS with a responsive design, ensuring ease of editing for the administrator. Additionally, a search feature is available, further enhancing user navigation and interaction with the site.

Lux Line Pharma Website

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Lux Line Pharma

Lux Line Pharma, headquartered in Erbil, emerges as a dynamic pharmaceutical wholesale distributor committed to making quality healthcare accessible across Iraq. The company’s growing portfolio, curated from trusted global manufacturers, encompasses a range of supplements, medications, and medical appliances. Lux Line Pharma is dedicated to contributing to community well-being by providing effective solutions to prevent and treat various health issues.

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