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Sitesown’s skilled team proudly presents a tailored bookstore website for Haval Bookstore in Iraq, Erbil, marking a haven for avid readers. Carefully constructed, this website goes beyond conventional bookstore experiences, providing a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of features to meet the unique needs of every reader. With support for two languages – English and Kurdish, it establishes an inclusive and accessible literary platform.

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About The Project:

Sitesown Professional Team is proud to unveil the digital haven for book enthusiasts – a bespoke bookstore website for Haval Bookstore in Iraq, Erbil. Meticulously crafted, this bookstore website transcends the traditional bookstore experience, offering a rich array of features to cater to every reader’s needs.

The ‘About Us’ section serves as a gateway to the soul of Haval Bookstore, allowing the creation of unlimited pages to narrate the bookstore’s journey. The dedicated ‘Books’ section steals the spotlight, presenting a treasure trove of literary gems. Each book boasts a comprehensive page with multi-images, ensuring visitors have all the information they desire.

This bookstore website introduces a sophisticated search and filtering system, empowering users to explore books based on various criteria such as categories, authors, publishers, language, edition, age range, publication year, and version. Flexibility is key, with each book seamlessly linking to multiple categories, languages, publishers, and authors. The website offers an unlimited hierarchy of categories to organize content effectively.

Beyond books, the ‘Accessories and Stationery’ sections showcase additional offerings, complete with prices for easy perusal. A thoughtful ‘Book Request’ feature allows visitors to express their literary desires, with the bookstore staff promptly following up.

Special sections like ‘Offers,’ ‘Blog,’ ‘Photo Gallery,’ ‘Video Gallery,’ and ‘Contact Us’ enrich the visitor experience, with the added convenience of expanding content with additional pages when necessary. Haval Bookstore’s online presence is not just a digital shelf but a vibrant space where literature thrives.

Haval Bookstore Website
Haval Bookstore Website

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Haval Bookstore

Haval Bookstore stands as Iraq’s premier specialist bookstore, boasting a vast collection of over 50 thousand titles, each offered at unbeatable prices. As the fastest-growing bookseller in Iraq, Haval Bookstore has garnered a customer base exceeding 10,000, recognized for its exceptional service levels. Located in the Kurdistan region, Erbil, our bookshop invites all enthusiasts and passionate readers to explore a world of literary delights.

Sitesown team were helpful and great to work with

Our website looks great and has good functionality, we have a great flexibility to internally manage all the website content. Sitesown team were helpful and great to work with. They offer excellent customer service and support, they are always there when you need them.

Haval Hussien

General Manager - Haval Bookstore / Haval Printing Press

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