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Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate Mobile Application

The Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate Mobile Application is a complimentary app designed to assist users in discovering their ideal homes. The app boasts an extensive range of property listings, encompassing both apartments and houses, catering to individuals interested in buying, selling, or renting properties. Distinguishing itself as the first app of its kind in Iraq, it introduces a pioneering property management section. This unique feature facilitates seamless property, contract, and payment management for both landlords and tenants. Compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, the application is developed by Sitesown in Iraq, Erbil, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience.

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    Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate

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About The Project:

Developed by Sitesown, this cutting-edge real estate mobile application stands as a testament to innovation in property exploration and management. Tailored exclusively for Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate in Iraq, Erbil, this app seamlessly integrates a myriad of features to simplify and enhance the real estate experience.

From comprehensive property listings and detailed property pages to advanced filtering, custom search functionalities, and an intuitive property management section, the app offers a robust platform for users (landlords, and tenants) to follow up and manage their properties effortlessly. With the capability to explore projects, save favorites, and submit property requests, users enjoy a holistic and user-friendly interface.

Multilingual support, social media integration, and connectivity with the Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate Management System and website further enrich the user experience. At Sitesown, we take pride in presenting an application that not only meets but exceeds the diverse needs of Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate, providing a technologically advanced solution for efficient and informed real estate transactions.

Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate Mobile Application
Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate Mobile Application

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This cutting-edge real estate application not only delivers in-depth property insights but also prioritizes a user-friendly interface. With a seamless and interconnected experience, it places a special emphasis on efficient property management, empowering homeowners and landlords to remotely track rent payments, access contract information, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Client Profile:

Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate

Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate stands out as one of the best and biggest real estate companies in Iraq, recognized for its exceptional standing in the Kurdistan region. As a prominent industry leader with over 19 years of invaluable experience, Baghy Shaqlawa has earned a reputation for excellence. The company’s impressive presence includes a vast network of over 50 branches and a team of over 200 dedicated professionals. Each team member is equipped with profound expertise and knowledge in the real estate sector, contributing to Baghy Shaqlawa’s status as a distinguished player in the industry.

Sitesown exceeded our expectations

Through our work with Sitesown, they turned our ideas and requirements to a professional web-application and interactive website. These projects helped us a lot in our real estate company. Sitesown exceeded our expectations. They did a modern and very easy to use application. They are always responsive to any help we need. Our communications with them are really easy. We are glad to work with them and looking forward to future projects.

Mohamed Sabir Ababakr

CEO and Founder - Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate Co.

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